Colonic Irrigation.. looks very promising..

So I guess the title says it.. We went and tried Colonic Irrigation or Colonic Hydrotherapy.. Whatever you call it, it worked a treat.. You might think to yourself, why would anyone take a child to have a small stainless tube about 2cm in diameter inserted into their child's bottom and have oxygenated water flow through their intestine and have their hard and old poo flow out through a tube into the sewerage.. Why you ask? Because I have on two previous occasions had to help nurses hold my son down as they feed a tube down his nose into his stomach while he screamed and cried "Mummy don't let them do this", "please Mummy make them stop".. and then for six days we have dirty looking water pour out of my child's bottom in hospital and saturate his bed and clothes even through nappies.. all the while you couldn't tell how well it was going or how much poo was being flushed out.. my child vomited in the toilet when some of the hard poo blocked the exit and the fluid built up with nowhere to go except straight back up and then also vomitted down my back when it happened again.. Life stopped for six days.. No work, no school and a lot of disruption to family life..

My child had started soiling again and I knew that we were heading back to hospital for another cleanout.. Now I'm sure there are people who do very sucessful cleanouts at home but we have issues that prevent this.. My child has textural isses and he can tell as soon as a high dose of laxatives/softeners are in his drink.. He knows and he refuses to drink it.. I have gone the home enema route but it still takes such a huge amount of time with marginal results.. Great for a minor setback but not nearly effective enough for us for a proper cleanout.. So I was trying desparately to work out the timing that would work best for our family for a hospital cleanout before I rang our Paediatrician to get booked in, when I can only say "I had an epiphany"... hang on, I thought to myself.. There are people who pay to have their poo removed by a professional via an appointment, I wonder if they treat children.. So I emailed some places and went to bed hopeful of some positive answers.. Now, I'm not a patient person and when I woke up the next day with no replies in my Inbox I figured I would just ring someone for the answer... And that is what I did, and the answer was 'yes' I have sucessfully treated children so I said "lock it in Eddie.."

I was booked in for the same afternoon because I knew there was no time to waste as my child's intestines stretched even more every day of impaction.. We arrived at a lovely and welcoming house and were ushered inside.. Rosemary was lovely and she related to my child so well.. She did a drawing and explained to my child how the body worked and what she was going to do.. Everything is sterile and professional and Rosemary was wonderful.. There was no fuss putting in the tube and as the water started to flow we could see in the clear part of the tube a lot of mucus coming down the tube and then some small nuggets which you definitely associate with constipation.. We continued to see grainy flakes as well as small nuggets as they broke away from the impaction.. My child didn't care.. way too busy watching Youtube videos..

I was told one session was equivelent to 23 enemas and I believed it.. It probably seems wrong to get excited about something like this but I could see the results immediately.. He wasn't totally cleaned out but that one hour was so much less disruptive and costly than six days in hospital.. I paid upfront for six treatments right there and then.. I knew we had stumbled on to a life changing treatment.. We even kept seeing results for a couple of days later.. The retained water had helped to soften more poo and we got even better toileting results two days after.. It was such a relief to know that this treatment was working.. and so much less invasive than a hospital stay..

We went for our second session yesterday and it was even better.. You could clearly see the blockages being broken down and flowing out through the tube.. There had been a very discernable mucus plug which I was told would be enough to cause bowel obstruction.. Once again we could see a good amount of poo disappearing down the tube and then there was this great flowing of mushy poo.. It was such a relief to see this exit my little boys body.. To know that he would have to feel so much lighter from what had been washed out of him.. The best part was the sit on the toilet after to let out any residual liquid and there was very dark grainy pieces on the side of the bowl which is indicative of very old poo.. Wow.. What progress we have made.. It is very hard to explain how excited I am to have found this option, I am so postive about it's benefits that I am now investigating training in this field myself so I can help other families suffering.. I get that it isn't for everyone, but when nothing seems to work there is always outside of the box to consider.. If you are thinking about it, just do it.. This is life changing stuff.. Stay tuned.. Shit's about to get even more real..

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