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Welcome to my very first Blog post.. And I mean ever.. I'm a Mum of two gorgeous children, I work and try to juggle a happy healthy family life.. What I hadn't expected in life was to be plunged into the depths of despair that is Encopresis.. What is Encopresis you ask? It the shittiest condition known to mankind and yes that is tongue in cheek but also, oh so true... We didn't know that at two years of age my son telling us his tummy hurt was Enco.. We didn't know that the humungus poos he did which we called "Holy Molys" was Enco.. We didn't even know tht the disgusting liquidy poo that was ending up in his undies 3+ times a day was Enco.. We thought he had hunger pains, we thought he was a big pooer, we thought he was lazy and just didn't want to poo on the toilet. We yelled at him, we punished him, we just never understood why he didn't just poo in the toilet like everybody else.. We never knew what Encopresis was.. And now we do.. It is hell but by a different name.. Sound familiar.. If it does, I'm so sorry.. I have read, and read, and spoken to people, and read some more and some days I feel like I know enough to have a handle on this and then the next day reality comes crushing down and reminds me that there is no handle.. We are proactive.. We use the latest research and products and yet I still know I'm staring into the face of a 3rd hospital visit in 1 1/2 years for a nasogastric tube and cleanout.. The protocol used and administered by medical practioners of softeners and sits was introduced in 1999 and is sucessful in (I believe the statistic is) 60 % of cases.. That's great if your child is in that 60%.. Mine isn't.. What now.. Come on Doctors.. you are so quick to tell me I'm wrong and what to do, but seriously.. What now.. The problem is, you don't know.. you also don't seem to care to know.. as always there are exceptions to the rule but really "has anyone found that needle yet?"..

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