These little beauties are a favourite of mine. They contain chemicals that when inserted in to the rectum draws moisture to the poo and softens it.  They will generally produce a result pretty quickly. In our house it takes about 5 minutes and we have a poo. 

This is a Glycerin suppository which gets inserted in to the rectum and as it melts with body heat it lubricates and helps a poo come out. There are no chemicals in these to soften a hard poo or to create a provocative effect. Some suppositories can be purchased containing a provocative.

If you need to do a thorough cleanout, this stuff is strong. I used this stuff myself as a trial and it broke up hard poo very effectively. This product has directions saying for use in adults only.

These two products can be used very effectively together to administer a large volume liquid enema. Saline solution is the base enema solution and consists of 1 litre of body temp water and 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt. Plain water is not recommended. To explain what these pictures are of, there is a 1 litre bag which you hang up once you've mixed your solution and it has a long hose and a flow control dial. You plug this in to the Foley Catheter which is the tube with the balloon. In a nutshell you insert the Foley catheter without the balloon inflated into the rectum and then you use a saline solution through a syringe to inflate the balloon inside the rectum to act as a plug to stop the liquid running straight back out. This allows the water to stay in longer to soften the poo and hopefully to wash it out and unblock. A very gentle cleanout method.

I am not a Doctor or pharmacist and am providing these products as a guide to what different products do.

If you need more information please consult your Doctor or Pharmacist. Please check all instructions regarding the use of these products in children. Do your own research please.


These drops are colorless and tasteless as well as being very strong so only small amounts required which is very handy. This will both soften the poo and use chemical stimulants to get your body to move the poo through the colon. This is what is written about use in children.


Children 4-10 years - 5-10 drops at night.
The use of Dulcolax SP Drops in children should be under medical advice.