I am a Mum with a child who has Encopresis.. My page is not a substitue for medical advice.. This is my personal experience that I am sharing in an attempt to shortcut your families chaos in dealing with and finding answers for ENCOPRESIS..

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Dr Marc Levitt


Before  you do anything else on this site, please watch the video below...

So, for one reason or another you find yourself Googling Encopresis and have stumbled across this site.. Excellent! You will not recieve as much frank advice and information as I will put on here.. There will be a lot of talk about poo and some of it will be toilet humour at it's worst.. But, if you don't laugh you cry, and I'd much rather laugh.. if you are easily offended then perhaps closing this screen and pretending it never existed is the best course of action.. I make no apologies for my site and please take what information suits you and disregard the rest, because if it's one thing I have learnt from this condition, it's that there is no one size fits all.. No matter how much the Doctors pedal the same old tired crap..


1st step - Watch the video above "The poo in you" also suitable to show your children what is happening in their bodies.. To understand what the poo is in your child's undies is to understand that this is not a one off case of constipation.. A single bout of constipation was probably years ago.. At some point in time your child more than likely started holding their poo in.. What happens when they do this is that poo gets hard.. It's the chicken and the egg question.. Did a bout of constipation cause such pain that your child stopped wanting to poo.. Is your child an anxious child who doesn't like to poo at kindy/school so will only poo at home, or perhaps your child is/was scared of the big drop into the toilet so started holding their poo in until the safety of a nappy was firmly on their bum.. or perhaps like my child, yours has a behaviourally based issue such as ADHD or ASD (kids with ADHD or ASD are six times more likely to suffer from Encopresis). The thing is.. The why is usually far behind you if you have reached this point.. People will suggest diet, and perhaps what caused the initial constipation (if constipation was your trigger) was the cause many mileniums ago (it would certainly seem that long ago to some), well meaning people will suggest increasing fibre (one of the worst things you can do for an Enco kid, it just provides more bulk for them to hold...) drink more water (wow.. thanks for that.. I didn't realise that I was an idiot).. There are a few kids who would benefit from elimination diets and testing etc but in my humble opinion.. Not many of our kids fit that bill..


2nd step - Start reading.. Check out the websites that I have listed and read as much as you can.. Chances are your child also has wee accidents, probably just little wet patches frequently in their undies, more than likely not toilet trained at night.. These are related to the Encopresis.. Get the poo sorted and the wetting will take care of itself.. But the "It's no accident" website at www.itsnoaccident.net will explain a lot of this.. Dr Hodges book "it's no accident is also excellent reading...